Careless Construction Workers Cause Power Cuts

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation underwent another spate of power outages this past weekend due to underground lines being severed, BEC Chairman Michael Moss told The Nassau Guardian.

Moss said BEC had several issues in both eastern and western New Providence with high voltage cables being cut by construction workers.

“There were at least three or four in the vicinity of Baha Mar and a couple in the west and any number involving the New Providence road works,” Moss said.

He said the power outage involved construction workers cutting in to 33,000 volt cables buried in the ground.

BEC has been criticized this summer for not being able to keep the power on.

Its executives have continuously cited generator failure for the inordinate amount of power outages in the past several months. And those frequent outages have been blamed on the years of maintenance the corporation’s large generators at Clifton Pier have missed because of financial issues.