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LIME Partners To Offer Online Backup and Internet Security

F-Secure and LIME, the Caribbean’s leading full-service communications provider, have announced a partnership to deliver LIME broadband users F-Secure’s Internet security, online backup and content sharing services for PCs and Macs.

F-Secure’s services will ensure LIME’s business and consumer customers have a reliable, cloud-based solution for storing their important media and are protected from viruses and other types of malware.

A customer equipping his computer with security software is no longer optional, it is now absolutely necessary in order to fully protect sensitive data. By offering F-Secure’s Internet security services, LIME is allowing its customers to easily implement security features on their PCs and rest assured they are safe online at all times.

Most people store all of their most important and often irreplaceable files and information on their computer hard drive. Unfortunately, hard drives frequently crash, putting consumers at risk of losing all of these critical files — forever. Storing this data in the ‘cloud’ through F-Secure’s Online Backup service, LIME customers can prevent losses of this scale, and can more conveniently access files from any device with an Internet connection.

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