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Nassau Village PLP Supporters Oppose Ingraham’s Visit

PM Hubert Ingraham in Nassau Village. Photo Kyle Smith

Of course, Ingraham was greeted warmly by many FNM supporters, but his own motorcade was met by an opposition caravan blaring loud music nearby.

This was the fourth leg of a tour of inner-city communities for Ingraham, after visiting Bains Town and Grants Town, Centreville and Englerston in recent weeks.

And more tours of New Providence communities are on the way as election day approaches. The FNM has made these visits a major part of its recent campaign effort with Ingraham promising to give residents in those communities a better way of life if the FNM wins.

However, his message was met with some non-violent opposition in Nassau Village.

The prime minister seemed unfazed as he posed with FNM supporters and their children and told PLP supporters who taunted him to “stop talking foolishness.”

When asked about the large crowd of PLPs, Ingraham said: “What about the FNMs I’m seeing? What about the FNMs who are hugging me up? I’m being enthusiastically received down here as you can see.”

He said his walkabout in areas like Nassau Village is symbolic of what he wants to accomplish in his next term.

“These are areas that I want to transform,” he said. “I want to see these people for myself. I want to walk with them, I want to touch their hands, and help to lift their spirits and encourage them to come with me because I care for them and I will deliver for them.”

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