Cable Re-Routing Will Affect Service

Cable Bahamas is carrying out emergency fibre optic re-routing exercises in several areas in western New Providence beginning March 20 and scheduled to end Tuesday, March 26.

In a statement released by the company said that the rerouting has become necessary due to the ongoing Airport Gateway road project.

“This extensive work will affect cable subscribers from Indigo Estates to Old Fort Bay in the western portion of New Providence,” said Cable Bahamas in a statement.

Work will commence 9pm March 20, and at 11pm every other night of the relocation project.

“All cable-based services including cable TV, Internet and voice services will be interrupted while this work is being carried out in each area,” the statement said.

The primary focus will be along a six-mile segment of JFK Drive, starting at the new roundabout at Bethel Avenue, heading west, and ending at Lynden Pindling International Airport.

“This fibre optic cable rerouting process is caused by a diversion associated with the road works tied to the Airport Gateway Project. Over a six-night period, Cable Bahamas will move the individual fibre optic feed serving the communities in the western portion of New Providence,” the company said.

“This fibre optic cable rerouting process became necessary due to frequent cable cuts associated with the road works tied to the Airport Gateway Project. These cuts have occurred due to contractors failing to comply with proper procedures, thereby forcing Cable Bahamas to relocate the existing fibre optic route to protect the vital services that are provided to its subscribers.”

An article in The Tribune quoted David Burrows, head of marketing for Cable Bahamas: “This ongoing damage by the road works associated with the Airport Gateway project, as many of residents know, has happened at least eight times over the past two years.

Cable Bahamas said that upon completion on March 26, the new fibre cables will be housed along a secure route that has been installed, and this should protect the cable company’s network from future damage.