Playing Castaway On Fowl Cay

On this small island in the Bahamas, fill your days with ocean adventures, or master the art of doing nothing at all.

The Middle of Nowhere

Once upon a time, local villagers used Fowl Cay as a place to keep their chickens. That is, until a French couple bought the island in the 1950s as a laid-back family retreat. There’s still something of that Swiss Family Robinson feel to the place today, in spite of its evolution into a high-end, all-inclusive resort, reopened after an extensive renovation to its oceanfront villas last year. Sandy paths are lined with conch shells, blood red hibiscus flowers grow wild by the wayside, and hand-painted wooden signs point the way to various landmarks.

Oceanfront Villas

Fowl Cay’s six oceanfront villas are plantation-style and whitewashed, fronted by a veranda with a swinging love seat and twin rocking chairs. (Yes, Fowl Cay is pretty conducive to romance.) Inside, the vibe is upscale beach shack: overstuffed white sofas, bowls of shells, a framed poem from young children to their father. Every villa comes fully stocked with groceries, wine, soft drinks, chocolates, fruit—everything you’d need for either a cloistered romantic getaway or a family vacation.

Soak up the Sun

Each villa slopes down to its own perfect little stretch of beach. The calm, balmy water is just right for lazy swimming sessions or snorkeling. Each villa comes equipped with its own personal motorboat, so guests can take off into the wild blue yonder at their own whim. With 365 islands and cays in the archipelago, you could literally visit one each day for an entire year.

By Emma Sloley
Coastal Living

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