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Frustration With BTC Billing Process

It amazes me to see all the upgrading of technology going on at BTC, and something as simple as your phone bill being sent to your post office box on time is a total disgrace.  Month after month you would receive no bill but you are being billed behind the scenes; and if you are the type of person with the out of sight out of mind mentality, you can end up with your phone disconnected due to BTC’s negligence in not providing the bill in a timely manner.

There was a time when you were able to go online to EZ Pay and see a copy of the actual bill and even that is not available these days.  They do not provide the bill on time and when they do, it is posted with the arrears as if you were negligent in making the payment the month before; but in most cases, the bill is in arrears because the customer never received the bill from the month before which becomes a burden on the customer that could have been avoided had the bill been posted on time.

I trust that the powers that be at BTC would get their act together in this area because it is very frustrating and I hear many people complaining about this experience while standing in line at BTC to pay these outstanding late bills; and the cashiers could only say you would have to make a complaint to management, which in most cases the customers don’t have the time to do.

By: Derek B. Russell Sr.

Posted in Opinions

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