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GBPA Celebrates Administrative Professionals’ Day

Administrative professionals of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) and its Group of Companies enjoyed an afternoon of fine food, enjoyable entertainment and precious prizes in celebration of the worldwide recognition of Administrative Professionals’ Day.

Held at Little Harbour Cay in the Manor House of the Grand Lucayan, the event allowed executive management to make tangible expressions of gratitude to a host of well-deserving recipients.  “An event such as this is very important in the life of a company,” stated GBPA Chairman, Ian Fair.  “It is obvious that you have lots of energy and a very positive attitude.  The importance of everybody working well together cannot be overlooked because it makes for a strong company and a happy environment to work in.”

Similarly, Ian Rolle, GBPA President, described the administrative staff as the backbone and lifeblood of the company. “You truly make a difference.  Without you there would surely be chaos in many offices,” he admitted.  In a preamble to the main topic of the day, Rolle admonished his listeners to put God first in their lives and to love their neighbours in order to create wholesome working and personal environments.

Amidst the day of speeches and well-wishes, some 40 attendees were treated to special performances by Little Miss Glitz, Martinique Storr of Sister Mary Patricia Russell Junior High with her humourous portrayal as Little Miss Daisy.  Soloist, Tony Lowe of Cable 12 fame, serenaded the guests of honour with smooth and tantalizing ballads that brought many to their feet with requests for encores.

Bringing remarks as guest speaker was Certified Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker, Deborah Pratt of DAPS Corporate Training & Business Services.  Under the theme, ‘The Power of a Positive Attitude’, she reminded her listeners at the outset that their attitudes determine how high, or how far they go in life.  “As adults, we should be able to think for ourselves and realize that our attitudes are under our control. In spite of past experiences, or our upbringing, we determine how we choose to react in any situation.  Our future is literally in our hands and we can indeed be successful in life if we resolve to change our attitude,” she stressed.

Emphasizing the importance of endearing attributes at the workplace, Pratt further added, “As a positive individual you will offer quality customer service, thus benefiting your company and possibly a promotion for you.  Your work environment will also have a better atmosphere if all employees develop a positive attitude.”

After prescribing a self-evaluation for all in attendance, the well-known columnist and radio show host wrapped-up with an overview of 6 practical steps.  “When you see those bad attitudes creeping in, review the situation, resolve to make a change, reframe by thinking like a winner, rehearse or practice a more positive attitude, repeat the positive attitude continually and you should soon see a renewal within yourself,” Pratt concluded.

The GBPA administrative professionals capped off the afternoon of festivities with a fashion show of stylish handbags courtesy of downtown Freeport retailer, Steppin Out.  Armed with thought-provoking tips on both attitudinal refinement and corporate wear, they expressed their sincere appreciation to management for the event held in their honour.

By Deidre Rahming
The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited

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