‘Snake’ Wilson In Yet Another Land Dispute

An article in The Nassau Guardian reported that Franklyn Wilson is [yet again] at the heart of a land dispute. Wilson, also known as “Snake” – a nickname he very likely earned as a result of his often questionable dealings – is no stranger to such disputes and scandals.

The Nassau Guardian: A dispute has erupted in South Eleuthera over the ownership of 2,000 acres of land, which the descendants of slaves claim as their birthright.


Franklyn Wilson, chairman and director of Eleuthera Properties Ltd., which is listed as the petitioner in the matter, during cross-examination said that he had never heard the claim that the 2,086.24 acres of land was willed to the descendants of the slaves of Robert and Ann Miller.

The quieting action has been before the Supreme Court for two weeks.

Justice Claire Hepburn is hearing the case.

Eleuthera Properties Ltd. bought the property from South Eleuthera Properties Ltd. in 1988.

Nearly 600 people from South Eleuthera, who claim the property belongs to them, have filed legal action.

Attorneys from McKinney, Bancroft and Hughes represent the Bannerman Town, Millers, John Millers and Eleuthera Association, which includes some 500 members.

The property, which includes the Cotton Bay development, is located in the settlements of Wemyss Bight and Millers on Eleuthera.

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