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Dump Fires Harming Bahamians

My worst nightmare came true yesterday.  I took my son to the doctor and found out he has an infection in his lungs.  He had to be put on a nebulizer for half an hour.  We were up all night with him.  He was coughing so badly he threw up twice.  He is now on antibiotics and two inhalers – one being a steroid.

They do not diagnose kids under four with asthma but he is considered asthmatic now.  This does not run in our family; we do not smoke.  He does not have allergies.  A child came in the office after us with the same cough and the doctor said he is another asthmatic, and I found out he lives in Cable Beach – same as us.

Apparently since the dump has been burning, there have been a lot of patients coming in with similar problems and I know this is not a coincidence.  The dump is still burning.  I just smelt it.  I wonder if they are really trying to put it out like they claimed.  I wonder if they care how many people’s health they are ruining.  Can the people affected be given some word on what is being done?

A special thanks to the media for its support during this really hard time.

By:  A Cable Beach resident

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