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Fierce Photos From Fearless Shark Dive


Photographer Andrew Murch captured dramatic photographs during a dive in The Bahamas which turned into a close encounter with curious lemon sharks millimeters away from his camera.

Murch, from Victoria, Canada, doesn’t even take precautions when underwater with the sharks but has never once been bitten throughout his dangerous expeditions. In an intimate encounter he captured an 8 foot long fish baring its menacing set of teeth as it breaks the surface at Tiger Beach during sunrise.

Andrew said: ‘It’s a difficult moment to capture because it is unusual to see sharks breaking the surface but at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas the sharks get very excited around divers and make very close passes.’

‘They have never shown me any hostility. After nearly two decades of swimming with sharks, it has become quite clear to me that they are not interested in divers as a food source. We generally bring bait to attract the sharks to the boat and thats the only reason they come so close.’

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