Passengers Panic On Bahamasair

Passengers on board a Bahamasair flight from Exuma to Nassau believed they were going to die when a portion of the plane’s propeller broke off and the aircraft dipped dramatically to that side.

Bahamasair officials explained that there was no danger as the aircraft was designed to fly with one engine functioning. The plane eventually landed in New Providence safely.

Though the aircraft was stabilised and the flight attendant and pilot attempted to comfort everyone, travellers are angry with the national flag carrier for downplaying what they claim was a horrifying incident last Thursday morning.

One passenger said he had been traumatised by the flight and that grown men were crying.

Passengers complained there was no medic on site when they landed but Bahamasair said that was because there was no need as the plane landed safely.

When the passengers came inside, Bahamasair officials gave them vouchers for free tickets and spoke with them to calm their fears.