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St Kitts-Nevis Loyal To Taiwan

There’s not likely to be any switch in relations from Taiwan to mainland China, even if the next election brings a change of government in St Kitts and Nevis. That assurance came from the opposition leader in the federal parliament, Mark Brantley. He told Winn FM that Taiwan has made substantial contributions to the federation, a view that both government and opposition are united on.

Speaking on behalf of the three party unity arrangement, Brantley said there was no thought of entertaining ties with Beijing.

“Well at this point there is no thought at all of moving the goal post,” Brantley said.

“I think St Kitts and Nevis has been really steadfast, a true friend of the people of Taiwan, unlike other countries, some nearby, which have flipped and flopped and tried to play dollar diplomacy between Taiwan and Mainland China,” the opposition leader added.

Caption: Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou and Prime Minister Denzil Douglas inspecting the guard of honour on Sunday shortly after the president arrived in St Kitts

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