Gambling Rhetoric & Cheap Hotel Rooms

gambling-numbersI always find it most amusing when politicians of the same political persuasion criticise their own and then those touched react, especially when the criticism is well-founded.

Dr Andre Rollins, chairperson of The Gaming Board, suggests that web shops are legal and government is defying common sense and the constitution, implied, as government has not seen it fit to legalise an illegal activity which Dr Rollins should know well, as the Act, which governs his Chairmanship, controls any activity concerning gambling.

Heard a new argument this week from a Talk Show host on his pet issue – web shops – how can you say that the patrons of the Web shops are breaking the law as the patrons have rented the use of the computers and the business has no idea what the patron does on the computer!

Well they seem to be going further and further into zombie-land with their argument.

The fact that the patron purchases numbers from the web shop operator is not breaking the law then?

There is no doubt that Dr Rollins is seriously out of sync with his party and probably best for him is to resign.

Why isn’t Dr Rollins doing his best to update the operation of our existing licensed casinos which are antiquated and lack the modern games to compete with even the smallest of external competition? We hear speech after speech, but seemingly as usual nothing substantive and responsive.

Atlantis is advertising on US Television that their rooms can be had for US$59 + $350 customer discount….forget the ministerial rhetoric, something wrong, Editor, to see our premier resort selling rooms at $59.

By:  H. Johnson
Nassau, Bahamas