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Minnis: Crime Smothering Nation

crimeFree National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis says crime is “smothering” the nation despite Prime Minister Perry Christie’s repeated statements that his government will arrest the problem.

“He said he was going to smother crime,” Minnis said. “It looks like crime is coming to smother us.”

He called on the government to re-establish the dedicated gun court which was established by the Ingraham administration.

“That no longer exists and gun cases are mixed with other cases which means that there can be delays,” Minnis said.

“And the criminals know this, that their cases will not [be heard] in an expeditious manner.”

He also urged the government to ensure greater restrictions are placed on people on bail for serious crimes.

Minnis suggested they be placed under house arrest.

He said something has to be done so that defendants are not committing new crimes while awaiting trial.

“That is an area that has to be dealt with and would resolve a lot of the issues that we face,” he said. “That must be dealt with as quickly as possible.”

Minnis said the government must enforce existing laws, create jobs and support social programs to lower crime.

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