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Green Earth Festival Returns To The National Trust Venue


As it was in the beginning, under the theme, Living the Way Nature Intended the 2014 Green Earth Festival (GEF) will once again grace the grounds of The Retreat Gardens, Bahamas National Trust (BNT).

GEF promises to be an attraction to those people who want to make changes in their lifestyles or enhance their existing lifestyles. A wealth of information and experts will be accessible to answer people’s questions and make the transition and journey easier.

The festival will take place from 12 noon to 8 p.m. at the Village Road venue on Sunday, June 22.

Four years ago, when festival founder Rhonda Wright inquired about booking the BNT grounds for the wellness event, executives of the BNT, saw an opportunity and a perfect fit. With BNT’s primary interest in sustainability, Lynn Gape, deputy executive director of the Bahamas National Trust, predicted the winning combination of the vision of a health and wellness festival with BNT’s platform for conservation and eco-living. Seedlings’ Place partnered and hosted the health, wellness and sustainability festival, and GEF’s Living the Way Nature Intended was born.

Since then, Seedling’s Place and GEF have provided an outlet for wellness and nature lovers to learn more and access the things they need to improve their lifestyles. In the fourth year, under a new company, NaturaLife – The Whole Life Company, the festival will once again partner with BNT, as the venue event’s venue, to present a wide array of goods and services that cater to people looking for vegetarian and vegan products, organic products, natural personal care goods, eco home décor and essentials and holistic approaches to enhance natural and earth friendly lifestyles.

“Partnering with Rhonda to assist with producing yet another Green Earth Festival has been an incredible and fulfilling experience thus far. It’s so exciting to be a part of a group focused on providing alternatives and solutions for restoring Mother Nature and bringing lives back into balance. I look forward to seeing the Bahamian people take advantage of this event designed to educate, empower and entertain,” said Aisha Nesut Ani, holistic health coach and NaturaLife partner.

“What better space than in the ‘belly of nature’ can attendees expand their knowledge about health, wellness and eco-living, plus experience a full fun day for the entire family, all with the goal of learning how to become better stewards of our bodies and Mother Nature herself,” said Rhonda Wright, yoga instructor and NaturaLife partner.

“The objectives of what the festival represents, what patrons will get, mesh perfectly with the objectives of Bahamas National Trust,” said BNT Executive Director Eric Carey. “I trust that this will grow to be something big and phenomenal, like a lot of the other major festivals around the country. We want to hopefully grow this festival to where there are going to be showcases of green technology, obviously better options for food choices that are environmentally friendly and that are more healthy. As far as we are concerned, we think this [GEF] is the perfect fit.”

Caption: (From left) Rhonda Wright, Green Earth Festival (GEF) event co-ordinator and NaturaLife partner; Eric Carey, director, Bahamas National Trust, and Aisha Nesut Ani, GEF event co-ordinator and NaturaLife Partner have announced that GEF will be held at The Retreat Gardens at the Bahamas National Trust. PHOTO: GREEN EARTH FESTIVAL

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