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Proposed Changes to Juries Act Aimed at Unclogging the Courts

Damien Gomez
Damien Gomez
Damien Gomez

Minister of State for Legal Affairs Damian Gomez yesterday tabled proposed amendments to the Juries Act, which aim to “improve the efficiency of criminal trials”.

The changes would “provide effective mechanisms which would allow the courts to dispose of matters in a radically swifter and more organized manner”.

The bill would expand the jury pool to include family island residents who would be provided with accommodations and a stipend during their service.

The bill would place an age limit of 70 on people eligible to sit on a jury.

It would also place additional duties on the parliamentary commissioner in the preparation of jury lists to “ensure a smooth and efficient process”.

Additionally, the bill would shorten the maximum period of jury service from three months to two months.

As part of its reform of the judicial system, the government said it plans to have 10 criminal courts operating simultaneously this year.

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