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Constituency Changes Contemplated

The Boundaries Commission is contemplating the introduction of a 42nd constituency and is proposing changes to others prior to the 2012 election.

The 42nd constituency would be created by removing Bimini and the Berry Islands from their current seats and combining them into one new constituency. It would be the second smallest constiuency, after MICAL.

PLP MP Obie Wilchombe is the current representative for Bimini and Vincent Peet is the MP for the Berry Islands.

Changes are also being proposed for the Clifton, Golden Isles, Killarney and Mt Moriah seats.

The Tribune newspaper reports that sources close to the discussions suggest that Oakes Field and Rock Crusher may be removed from Killarney and transferred into Fort Charlotte, as they are rumoured to be strong PLP areas.

Aslo, in an attempt to strengthen the FNM’s somewhat weak position in Mt Moriah, white Grove could be moved into that constituency.

The Boundaries Commission is comprised of  Golden Isles MP and Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Charles Maynard, Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest and PLP Deputy Leader Philip Brave Davis.

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