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Full Road Closures For New Providence

Nassau, The Bahamas – The Ministry of Public Works and Transport announced full road closures and traffic diversions for several corridors on Tuesday as the construction phase of the New Providence Road Improvement and Infrastructure Project continues.

Among them are the following:

– Along Robinson Road between Lincoln Boulevard and Sixth Street there is a full road closure. Traffic is diverted through Lincoln Boulevard to Balfour Avenue and through 6th Street to Palm Tree Avenue.

– The junction of East Street and Robinson Road is under full closure and is expected to reopen next week as work continues to complete the major works for the junction.

– At the junction of Robinson and Claridge Roads – full closure of Claridge Road between Balfour Avenue and Robinson Road. Two-way traffic is granted on Robinson Road. Claridge Road is expected to re-open by the end of next week.

– Along Prince Charles Drive between Jean Street and Garden Road there is full closure. Traffic is diverted through Kent Avenue or Garden Road to Gleniston Park and into Wilson Way back onto Prince Charles (the area behind the Prince Charles Plaza).

– Along Baillou Hill Road between Robinson Road and Wulff Road two lanes of traffic are granted between Wulff Road and Chapel Street.

One lane of traffic granted (north bound only). It should be noted that as the work progresses Baillou Hill Road northbound becomes one-way north, heading towards downtown.

– Along Market Street between Wulff Road and Coconut Grove Avenue, one lane of traffic is granted (south bound only) and two lanes thereafter as work progresses with the installation of a new water main.

– Along Prince Charles Drive between Pine Barren Road and Fox Hill Road, west bound traffic is granted heading towards Soldier Road, east bound traffic is diverted through the Beatrice Avenue, Savannah Avenue, Bay Lily Drive to Sea Breeze Lane.

– On Abundant Life Road access to the East/West Highway, south bound traffic is granted on Abundant Life Road, north bound  traffic is diverted to Old Trail Road and/or East Street.

– Along Marathon Road between Wulff Road and Ferguson Way north, north bound traffic travels as normal and south bound traffic is diverted to Claridge or Soldier Roads.

– At the junction of the East/West Highway, Marathon and Robinson Road junctions near the service accessing Solomon’s, First Caribbean Bank and Bristol Cellars. Work has commenced in the outer lane. West bound traffic has been placed on the new pavement. Motorists travelling west should use the centre lane when crossing the junction and the far left lane to head east. Traffic has been placed on the newly widened portion of road at the junction near Robinson Road West. Work continues on the side near to R. M Bailey Park.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services

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