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Darville Wants More Appreciation For What Is Bahamian

Minister for Grand Bahama and Member of Parliament for Pineridge, Dr. Michael Darville, said October 18, that to build the country it is important to recognise and appreciate what is Bahamian.

Dr. Darville was participating in the First Flag Day Ceremony at the Grand Bahama Catholic High School.

He began his remarks by telling students, teachers and parents assembled that as the first Minister for Grand Bahama it is his mandate to ensure that the island is re-established as a vibrant industrial and tourism centre, and all Grand Bahamians have access to equal opportunities.

To that end, the Minister said he cannot do it alone and that, “We at the Ministry for Grand Bahama are establishing private/public partnerships from East to West Grand Bahama in order  to improve our current economic challenges and create sustainable jobs.”

He told the assembly that their theme for 2012/13: Catholic Schools Raise the Standard through Teamwork, is one that is very timely as each person must recognise and play a part in the development of  schools, islands and country.

Dr. Darville also encouraged listeners to be that example of a proud Bahamian in their homes and community and demonstrate pride daily in their actions and attitude.

To the director, administration and staff of the Grand Bahama Catholic High School he encouraged them to continue to provide the academic, intellectual and spiritual guidance to the students and parents entrusted to their care.

He informed that as a businessman in the community for more than 20 years he is aware of the excellent graduates from the Grand Bahama Catholic High School and pointed to two exemplary graduates on his staff at the Ministry of Grand Bahama, who accompanied him to the function.

Also the Grand Bahama Minister said he was delighted to say that  Renardo Curry, a 1992 graduate of Catholic High, was elected as the Member of Parliament for the North Abaco Constituency.  “He is proof that Crusaders never say die!” said Dr. Darville.

The Minister said although The Bahamas appears as a mere dot on the world map, this great Commonwealth can boast of countless accomplishments on the world stage in sport, academics and the arts.

He drew attention to outstanding Bahamians like Sir Sidney Poitier, the musical group Baha Men, Lenny Kravitz, Mychal Thompson, Dr. Myles Munroe, the Golden Girls and most recently, the Golden Knights 4×400 athletic squad, two of which are from Grand Bahama.

Minister Darville applauded the administration and staff of the school for facilitating the time to recognise the national symbols and the importance of national pride.

“Our proximity to the United States has certainly influenced our behaviour and our culture. But Crusaders, we must never forget our Christian values and our commitment to family and country.

“On July 10, 1973, the Bahamian Flag was raised for the first time and Bahamians proudly lifted their head as the aquamarine, gold and black symbol of our independence flew in the wind and our national anthem was sung.

“Let us continue this legacy of pride for our great country.  Let us continue to honour our national symbols, our country and great men and women who have sacrificed much for what we all enjoy today,” he said.

By Simon Lewis
Bahamas Information Services

Posted in Politics

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