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Do What is Right For Bimini

As a frequent traveller to and from Bimini for 25 years, some changes have been inevitable. From the only form of communication of VHF radios, to getting a home telephone (big deal!), to actually having internet access and cellular phones, and, of course, beyond communication, the progression of tourism and resorts have also been inevitable when people find out about what a gem this island is.

To take all that Bimini stands for and the “Why” factor (why people do come to Bimini – to experience an out island, a place where they can see nature that has truly been untouched by human hands – the ocean, mangroves creeks – Dr MLK Jr said it himself: “How do people come to this place and not believe in the existence of God”…to take the why they come here and turn it into another Atlantis – a place where overdevelopment has taken out the spirit of the island in that area and just becomes yet another disney land for adults. Manufactured everything, regeographed everything, so that nothing looks as it naturally came about, is appalling.

If Bimini loses the out island charm that has attracted so many from around the world to experience dolphin excursions to view the pure natural swimming dolphins off shore, to wade in the “magical” natural waters of the healing hole, to bone fish with legends in the untouched natural mangrove creeks and islands, to fish the beautiful Gulf stream waters, it will lose any progressive movement in eco-tourism, which is clearly on the rise as natural untouched destinations become rarer and rarer as other places get exploited and overdeveloped.

You do not come to Bimini to golf and gamble, or arrive in the thousands on a cruise ship. Let the people go to already populated Nassau for that on their cruise ship.

What should be encouraged on the island is eco-tourism, giving the people that out island feel, that if you want to see people you can, and if you want to go to a secluded part of a beautiful beach and see no one just to be at peace, you can do that too.

Pride for their country should be restored back into the Bahamian people by encouraging them to work in tourism/resort/activities involvement to let them see that the future of their country depends on tourism.

That the happier they make people and make them feel welcome, the more money these happy tourists spend, and go back home and tell their happy friends about it who want to come visit and have the same experience.

Please look in your hearts and with the influence you hold do what is truly right for this island in the stream.

Put your foot down and don’t let this developer that barely has any involvement with the true island and natives take advantage of it anymore.

Summer Farrell
United States
March, 2013

Posted in Opinions

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