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Springtime Swirl: ‘Mix It Up’ At Seagrapes

Atlantis has successfully held its Swirl tasting series seven times since last July, but there is something about the Spring that makes them want to “mix things up”, so they did. The upcoming Swirl “Mix It Up” edition is an informal yet informative rum tasting featuring Bacardi, Bombay, and Grey Goose brands, along with several certified mixologist. This Swirl is sure to leave you with a better understanding of the hottest trends in mixology this season.

According to Senior Director of Beverage Sean Cartwright: “We created swirl to expose the intricacies of the wine making process to everyone, and now we’re doing the same with rum. The hope is that tourists and locals alike can come together in a fun environment like Seagrapes, and enjoy the ambiance while understanding all the finer details involved with mixing their favorite drinks.”

Swirl “Mix It Up” takes place on Thursday March 14, at 7:00pm at Seagrapes Restaurant in the Beach Tower. Of the many Atlantis fine dining options available, “Seagrapes was chosen because its décor and atmosphere lends to the ambiance the F&B team wanted to create for this event”; said  F&B Marketing Manager Anastarcia Huyler.

“Seagrapes is well known in the Bahamian community as a nice place to gather on Sunday’s for brunch and special celebrations, but by tying it to the ‘Mix It Up’ edition of the Swirl series we hope that guests and locals will also realize it’s that its ‘thee spot’ for both food & fun.”

Seagrapes overlooks a stingray lagoon on one side and the beach and pool on the other. With stunning jewel tuned colors throughout the outlet ,and various shades and patterns across the walls; the modern vibe, combined with the Bacardi, Bombay, Grey Goose and Dewar’s products featured, is sure to “add a little ‘splash’ to  your life”.

By Anastarcia Huyler

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