BTC’s 4G-LTE Upgrades, Fast Approaching

By year-end, the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s current high speed wireless 4G network will have undergone further upgrades to deliver Long Term Evolution, or 4G-LTE, a lightning-fast wireless communication network for high-speed data on mobile phones and data terminals.

Senior VP Brands and Communications, Marlon Johnson said that the further advances are in keeping with the company’s goal of remaining the leader in the telecommunications industry by delivering the most advanced and fastest networks to their subscribers.

“This further upgrade to a completely new network is in keeping with BTC’s goal of remaining the leader in The Bahamas telecommunications market by creating a world class experience.  BTC is moving at a very rapid pace given the 4G launch in December 2011 and already moving subscribers seamlessly onto LTE, the fastest world-standard network available,” said the VP.

“LTE will mean that everything on your mobile will be that much faster due to more sophisticated applications. Data downloads and video streaming for instance will be noticeable faster and coverage extended.”

Mr. Johnson said delivery nation-wide would be in two phases. Phase one is scheduled for December completion on the island of New Providence in time for Christmas. Phase II will see delivery of LTE in Grand Bahama, Abaco and Eleuthera by mid-2014.  The other major islands of The Bahamas will follow thereafter.  He indicated that BTC will announce a range of LTE capable ‘phones as part of the campaign to launch the service.

“This new LTE network will put BTC on par with any mobile carrier in the world in terms of data performance. It will also allow for exciting commercial applications – allowing businesses to conduct commerce wirelessly on a very fast and ultra reliable platform”, noted Marlon Johnson, BTC spokesperson.

“Not only are we the only telephone and internet service provider across The Bahamas, but we also facilitate the latest and greatest communication opportunities the length and breadth of the country,” said the senior vice president. “4G-LTE, available on New Providence, Grand Bahamas Abaco and Eleuthera by year-end, and country-wide by next year, is currently as fast a network as you will ever need; the BTC work-force and new technology solutions provide further enhancement to the world class communication technology already in place.”

BTC will also expand the facilities that allow mobile phone usage in heavy traffic areas such as Concourses ‘B’ and ‘C’ at the Lynden Pindling International Airport, major hotels, the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium and the Malls on New Providence.

Additionally, technology partner Huawei provided a solution that led to an improved BTC CDMA outdoor telephone infrastructure that caters to visitors to The Bahamas, and the transmission for the police CCTV network. BTC will also invest $4 million dollars with Huawei for the upgrade of the BDNSI fibre optic that connects all of the islands in a ring.

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is the leading telecoms operator in The Bahamas. BTC is jointly owned by Cable & Wireless Communications (51%) and the Government of The Bahamas (49%). Cable & Wireless Communications has both management and Board control.

By Serena Williams
Caption: Philmore Ricketts of Huawei in a recent contract signing with BTC CEO Geoff Houston.  Photo : by Farreno Fergueson