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BEC – Seriously Consider

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This is now November. Notice that you have not seen a single legislative move by the government regarding BEC, though the Prime Minister said the privatisation process would be completed by the end of this year. The end of this year is less than two months from now, and the House does not meet much in December.

In order to do what Mr. Christie said he would to BEC, a Bill to either repeal or amend the Electricity Act would be required, yet you have heard nothing about this Bill. You also have not heard who was chosen from among the Request For Proposals (RFPs) the government sought for entrance into this new arrangement for BEC. If the end of December is the Prime Minister’s target date, by now the name of the new operator, among other essential items of information, should be known to all.

Now, before you jump to simply writing this off as “late-again” by the government, slow down and think. What is really going on with this BEC matter and whose deadline are we truly trying to meet with the sudden thrust to privatise government entities? I ask that because it is not the Bahamian people’s deadline. We didn’t ask for this to be done and more importantly, the PLP never said it would do this if elected. In fact, it argued against privatising government entities (example BTC).

Why is it that many in the government had no idea about the BEC plan until the day it was announced by the Prime Minister’s office? That speaks to more than just the regular incompetence we see from this administration. What is really going on with the plans for BEC?

Sharon Turner

Posted in Politics

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