Offshore Web Hosting in The Bahamas

Offshore Investing

Using offshore web hosting to carry out functions previously based in high-tax jurisdictions such as; sales and marketing, treasury management, supply of financial services, and most of all, the supply of digital goods such as music, video, training, software etc., businesses can take advantage of low rates of taxation for increasingly substantial parts of their operation.

Advantages Of Offshore Web Hosting

For a small or medium-sized company it is often confusing when it come to
deciding how to approach the idea of offshore web hosting.  Even the concept of
offshore business itself is sufficiently challenging. If a company has
previously relied on traditional business methods it could seem too extreme to
even consider dealing with the complexities of a move offshore at the same time.

However, ignoring the advantages of offshore web hosting could be very
short-sighted and the financial, privacy and liability related consequences of
waiting could be dire.

First, it’s important to know the
basics of offshore

Locating The Right Offshore Web Host

It is now possible to run a business
from virtual cyberspace while living anywhere in the world, choosing the
most preferable jurisdiction as a tax base, and using any number of
jurisdictions as they may apply to manufacturing, distribution, banking,
web hosting, and other related factors.

Choosing the right jurisdiction to locate your offshore hosting in
will depend on a combination of your business situation, financial goals
and even to some extent your personal choices. There are several factors
that should certainly be considered when doing your initial research

Web Hosting Technology

Technical considerations are the most important factor in evaluating any
hosting service. IN selecting onshore or offshore web hosting you will
want to keep in mind the following factors when
choosing an
offshore web host

Privacy and Confidentiality

Some people believe that it is their right to have absolute privacy in
their financial, business and banking affairs as conducted over the
Internet. In most countries this can be very difficult, if not
impossible, to accomplish due to the lack of privacy in the resident
country’s web hosting systems.  Other countries, such as  The
Bahamas, have strict international compliance standards and first class
hosting facilities but also offer a high level of privacy and

Asset Protection

In today’s society, whether you are an individual or corporation, you
are susceptible to law suits. This can place your assets and future at
risk. By hosting your web site offshore, and setting up an international
corporation, you can protect your business and your assets from
creditors and possible nuisance lawsuits. This can be further
accomplished through utilization of vehicles such as trusts,
International Business Corporations, bank accounts, and other options.

Favourable Tax Laws

One of the most attractive elements of offshore business in countries
like The Bahamas is the tax-free status accorded to income. There are no
taxes levied on capital gains, corporate earnings, personal income,
sales, inheritance, or dividends. This tax freedom is available to all
resident corporations, partnerships, individuals and trusts.

Offshore Banking

An offshore bank account is an indispensable tool for those conducting
international business – particularly online business. If you are keen
on working on the net and earning income from the many business
opportunities available – then an offshore account combined with a
merchant account offers a powerful tools to accompany your offshore

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Offshore Web Hosting For e-Commerce

There are numerous methods of
structuring legitimate offshore e-Commerce operations in such a way so
that taxes are limited to personal income and corporate profits can
enjoy the benefits of a preferable tax jurisdiction for online
e-Commerce. However, it is important that you consult the appropriate
authorities in your resident country to determine the laws of your

Most new entrants to

offshore e-Commerce
choose to establish an International Business
Company, which is an offshore limited company, immune from virtually all

Bahamas B2B can assist by providing the necessary information and
resources for

forming an international business corporation



Offshore Web Hosting Resources

There are a host of factors involved
in the selection of a business form and in setting up your international
company. It is important to make decisions which will will give you the
optimal tax and operating results. Our legal advisors are among the most
experienced in the Bahamas and are able to give competent advice and
practical assistance in all areas of company formation.

Offshore Web Hosting Directory

Offshore and onshore merchant accounts
and e-commerce directory

Offshore Banking



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