Bahama Art and Handicraft

Bahama Art and Handicraft
Business Address
East Shirley Street
New Providence
Business Phone Number
242 394-7892

Visit our Treasure chest which overflows with beautiful art and crafts that have been created by over Services0 Bahamians. Settled in an old Bahamian style home is a beautiful array of gifts for each and everyone and occasion. From shell and coral artwork, wood art, ceramics, androsia, mosaics, mobiles, straw work, photos, prints and original art (some painted on driftwood and other recycled material), Bahamian books, jewellery of all different media, sea glass and much more...
ALL BAHAMIAN! Also a large selection of old photography and lythographs dated back to the late 1Equipment & Supplies0's as well as the very first Bahamas Directory and Guardian...lots of history. Support our Bahamas, buy Bahamian! We can also provide decor for special occasions, gift cerificates and wedding selections.