Blackbeards Cay

Bahamas tour includes 25-minute cruise to the picturesque Blackbeard's Cay, onboard a 65-foot, double-deck motorized catamaran
New Providence
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Located just north west of the eastern end of Nassau, Blackbeard is a charming little tropical island that takes its name from the legendary pirate himself.Guests take a relaxing 25-minute cruise to the picturesque Blackbeardメs Cay, onboard our 65-foot, double-deck motorized catamaran designed for 250 people. They then get to experience the thrill of hand-feeding one of the numerous Southern Atlantic stingrays under the supervision of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Snorkel gear and lifejackets are included so guests can enjoy their experience with the stingrays as they gracefully glide around.