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Plan It Bahamas
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Sears Road
New Providence
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Plan It Bahamas is a young and energetic architectural design company, committed to providing solutions which are personal, bold and unique to each client and site. We can provide inventive and creative designs for residential, commercial and public projects.

Our investigative design processes use a studied analysis of traditional and contemporary construction methods, and we have an ongoing commitment to researching sustainable technologies and resource efficient construction methods for our region. By linking microclimate and context, we try to keep our designs environmentally and socially responsible, fulfilling both local and global expectations for the 21st Century.

If our Client requires a ムfull serviceメ, we are able to offer them a one-stop-shop モumbrellaヤ service, combining architectural and engineering input, using trusted and experienced colleagues for the structural, electrical and mechanical design portions of the work. Alternatively, we can tailor our services to suit any design team that our Client prefers to assemble.
Fee rates can also be flexible, delivering the most detailed of Construction Documents, or simply producing a Schematic Design or Master Planning approach, suitable for identifying a likely Budget. We will work with you to set your goals and help you to achieve them.

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