The Singers Loft

The Singers Loft
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Pepe Ave.
New Providence
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The Singers Loft where great singers are made is a music training studio run by Lee B. Callender, Pianist, Vocal coach and Speech coach.
The Singers Loft is a private music learning organization catering specifically to vocal soloists, choirs, praise groups, vocal ensembles.

The mission of The Singers Loft is to help singers Discover, Develop and Display their Vocal Potential.

The Loft exists to be a resource and to develop resources to assist singers and those involved in the training and development of singers.


The Vocal workshops are designed to give singers the basics of vocal technique in a simple and useful way. Topics include: posture, breathing, breath support, breath management, releasing a sound, tone, jaw motion, singing through the vowels, diction, consonants, vibrato, opening the throat, vocalizing, legato singing, and projection.

The master classes are designed for advanced singers who want to improve their artistry as well as their performance skills. These sessions include practical pointers on vocal technique, song interpretation, and stage presence.

Music assessments provide soloists or groups with a detailed analysis vocally, artistically and performance wise. Observations will be documented and recommendations made to assist in your journey to a higher level of vocal performance.
Assessment is the area of technique, artistry, performance, and expression.

In the private vocal sessions singers begin a systematic journey toward vocal and self discovery resulting in the singer becoming a well rounded confident artist.
Lee Callenders can assist your group or an individual prepare for a concert, a recording or any performance.

Speech coaching. These sessions are great for anyone involved in public life, regardless of your profession. You will learn how to use your voice in a more efficient manner,improve your tone quality, speech more clearly and with increased confidence.