Bahamas B2B Domain Name Tips

Here are a few domain name tips to keep in mind before you...
register a domain name

Tips for registering domain names TIP: The first and best tip is...
to register your domain names NOW.

If you are even thinking about registering a domain name and it's available - get it now! We can't tell you how many times we've heard someone say they checked on names but waited to register them (even a day later) and they were gone. It happens all the time. Click here to see if your domain name is available.

Tips for regiserting domain names HOT! TIP: Currently, 90% of domain names registered are not being used, so it's no wonder over 23,000 expire daily ready to be picked up by anyone.

Tips for regiserting domain names TIP: Registering as a ".com" is usually the best.
Predicted to remain "King". and increase in value as more extensions are added by I-CANN.

Tips for regiserting domain namesTIP: Register .net and .org. If ".com" is taken then consider using ".net" or ".org".
Net is gaining in popularity as a great choice after .com. If you really want to secure your domain name then register it as all three and ward off potential competition. Note of caution on registering .org: Possible new regulations may require .org registrants to adhere to the "Non-profit only" status.

Tips for regiserting domain names TIP: Register your business name.
Protect your future by registering your business name. Higher profile names risk the potential of being "cyber squatter" prey. Click here. to see if your business domain name is available.

Tips for regiserting domain namesTIP: Take advantage now of the new longer names.
Now you can register names up to 67 characters long. This is an open window of opportunity that allows for great flexibility and choice in acquiring new names.

Tips for regiserting domain names TIP: "Loading" a long domain name with keywords can pay off.
Search engines parse inquiries and compare against domain names so a domain name with the right keywords in it can produce better results when searched. Do we believe this? This site uses a long, keyword loaded name! Click here to use our Domain Wizard to combine keywords to find your domain names.

Tips for regiserting domain names TIP: Be creative.
Adding "e" or "i" in front of a name is very popular. So is adding "web" or "net" in front or at the end of a name. Combine short, meaningful, catchy phrases or words that describe your business or site. You can also use numbers and a dash (-) in domain names. Domain names cannot begin or end with a dash. Use dashes inside the name - search engines are reported to like this.

Tips for regiserting domain namesTIP: Remember - as more and more businesses and individuals go on-line, the number of good names goes down and down.

Tips for regiserting domain namesTIP: Domain names can be an investment.
We've all heard of the domain names that sell for millions and millions of dollars. Certainly all names won't increase in value that much, but what could your names be worth in the next few years?

Tips for regiserting domain namesTIP: Search for good domain names.
All the good names aren't taken. It's been reported also that over 20% of the domain names registered in previous years went unrenewed! Thousands of previously registered names become available every day. Be persistent. Check out Domains for Sale listings and auctions for super buys on domains.

Tips for regiserting domain names TIP: Anyone can register names.
Any business or group may do the same.

Tips for regiserting domain names TIP: Make sure your domain name does not conflict with existing trademarks.
VERY IMPORTANT - For a FREE trademark search on an existing name or a name you wish to register click here.

Tips for regiserting domain namesTIP: And the last tip is - SEE THE FIRST TIP.
Worth repeating. Whatever names you choose to register - do it NOW! 

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