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Have some fun and test your knowledge of Bahamas Art Exhibitions and Events.

Can you guess where these Bahamian art events occurred?

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Test Your Knowledge of Bahamas Art Exhibitions & Events

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Where did Duke Wells display his multi-media piece "Human Trafficking"?

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What art gallery is this?

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Where was Lynn Parotti painting these?

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Where were these three art community icons photographed?

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Where did the Youngie and Exuma tribute exhibition take place?

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Where was this picture of a young John Cox taken?

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Where was Sue Bennett-Williams’ artwork displayed?

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Where was this artist's talk held?

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Where was this group of artists photographed?

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Where were these images by Duke and Lisa Wells displayed?

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Where was Max Taylor painting this piece?

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Where were Antonius Roberts and Eleanor Whitely photographed

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Where were these easels set up?

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Where did this exhibition take place?

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Where did this gathering of artists take place?

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Where were John Cox and Jeffrey Meris having this discussion?

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Where did this Heino Schmid exhibition take place?

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Where was this spectacular Junkanoo piece displayed?

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Where did Vera Chase host this Commonwealth Writers of The Bahamas event?

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