Children of God – Kareem Mortimer


‘Children of God’ is the latest film from Kareem Mortimer, a Bahamian filmmaker that has completed three previous films: Chance (2005), The Eleutheran Adventure (2006) and Float (2007).

‘Children of God’ was selected as the Opening film for this year’s (2009) Bahamas International Film Festival.

Children of God is the story of two individuals who learn some universal life lessons that in order to live a truly happy life. First, you have to risk speaking and acting on your true feelings. Secondly, in order to fulfill your potential, you have to risk emotional vulnerability.

Watch a video interview with the Director, Writer and Producer of Children of God in the Artist Talk: Kareem Mortimer video on the Bahamas Art Channel.


Children of God – Trailer



Jonny is a young depressed white Bahamian artist who faces losing his scholarship at a local University if he does not live up to the potential his professors believe he has. Faced with this challenge, after severe beatings from homophobic bullies, and rejection from his alcoholic father, Jonny escapes from his gritty inner-city life in Nassau to the under populated and dramatic Bahamian island of Eleuthera.

Lena Mackey is an extremely conservative forty year old anti-gay activist who upon finding out that her husband is not who he represents himself to be, believes that the only way to fix problems in her life is to limit the rights of homosexuals. She heads Eleuthera for the purpose of galvanizing the community to oppose gay rights.

When Jonny arrives he meets a mysterious man by the name of Romeo. Together these two embark on a series of physical adventures that not only inspire Jonny to paint but gives him a new zest for life. Lena is taken in by a gregarious local pastor who challenges her beliefs and slowly opens her mind to new experiences. However things are shaken up when Romeo’s family shows up and puts an end to Jonny’s romantic dreams and Lena’s husband decides to fix the problems in their marriage . After opening up about himself, Jonny retreats into his former closed self. He must choose between finally giving up on love, career and his happiness or moving forward fearless and courageously. Lena is left with the decision of choosing between what her head tells her to do or following what is in her heart. The audience is taken on a journey that is humorous, brave, shocking and a one of a kind surprise ending that will shake them to the core.



Children of God‘ is the latest film from Kareem Mortimer, a Bahamian filmmaker that has completed three previous films: Chance (2005), The Eleutheran Adventure (2006) and Float (2007).

Kareem is President of Mercury Rising Media, an enterprise engaged in the development and production of motion picture films for theatrical and home video release. MRM’s goals are to make compelling and innovative films that challenges convention, creates community and inspires creativity.

“Big stars, special effects and name directors may help but is not paramount in making a successful motion picture.”

Kareem Mortimer