2022 Green Beauty Stars by ELLE


With the Editors of ELLE, Emily Dougherty and Margaux Anbouba have saved us all a bunch of time by reviewing hundreds of skincare, hair, makeup & do your body good products for this year’s Green Beauty Stars.

When ELLE first launched the Green Beauty Stars Awards in 2006, they defined green beauty as products powered by naturally-derived actives.

As explained in the article, knowledge, as well as the category and the term itself, has broadened over the years.

“Clean” products are now a baseline for many consumers. Green products are the next level. Green products have formulas with derived natural and botanical ingredients, as well as efforts to find sustainable solutions in production.

ELLE has narrowed down all of the entries to create a list of their favorite green products – those which check the boxes of having sustainability efforts, recyclable packaging, and meeting the EWG definition of “clean.”