Why Earth Day has become largely a marketing gimmick


What do Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Earth Day have in common? They are all days that highlight something/someone that should go without saying and be celebrated every day of the year – mothers (parents in general), love and our earth.

The very existence of such days of remembrance shows that something is amiss – why do mothers need to be honoured on one day in particular; does that mean we forget about them on the other 364 days? And our romantic partners, do we really need Valentine’s Day to shower them with flowers, chocolates and tacky stuffed animals? Shouldn’t we show the special people in our lives our love, affection and respect every day?

And our planet – shouldn’t we think every day about using resources sparingly and preserving them for generations to come? To use as little new stuff as possible and to mend, repair and reuse our old stuff?