Offshore e-Commerce Resources


What Constitutes Offshore e-Commerce

In many higher tax countries, the distribution of goods from a warehousing facility does not constitute the carrying on of a trade or business in that jurisdiction, so that even for physical goods, in many cases it will be possible to avoid a permanent establishment (taxable presence) altogether in many high-tax jurisdictions where trading activities currently take place.

Why Choose The Bahamas for Offshore e-Commerce?

Forming Your Offshore Company
There are a host of factors involved in the selection of a business form and in setting up your offshore company. It is important to make decisions which will will give you the optimal tax and operating results. Our legal advisors are
among the most experienced in the Bahamas and are able to give competent advice and practical assistance in all areas of company formation.

Most new entrants to our offshore e-Commerce solutions choose to establish an International Business Company, which is an offshore limited company, immune from virtually all taxation.
Establishing an Merchant Account
If you’re a foreign business, you may be frustrated, since many countries and local banks do not allow credit cards information to be taken over the Internet. So how can you conduct business?

Offshore and onshore merchant accounts and e-commerce directory

Creating your Offshore Web Site
BahamasB2B offers a variety of e-Commerce Web design solutions including complete Web development and maintenance from our partner, Bahamas-based Web Designers –,
one of the Bahamas’ premier Web developers. For a complete list of Bahamian Web site developers please consult our Business Directory.

Our e-Commerce software tools are based on open standards. Existing ‘legacy’ systems can be incorporated into our e-commerce systems. But if you are bold, we have the tools and the support necessary to replace the old proprietary system altogether.



Offshore Credit Card Processing
With an offshore e-Commerce operation based in the Bahamas, the actual sale itself takes place on our local server to avoid any possibility that the transaction could occur in the buyer’s tax jurisdiction. The predominant payment
method will be credit/debit cards, whether plastic or virtual (electronic wallets, cybercash). Our transaction software:

  • Establishes contract terms and make a contract
  • Performs the transaction in a secure environment using SSL and SET
  • Handles the credit card payment transaction including authorisation procedures
  • Integrates the sales/payment process into order management
  • Communicates with a customer database



Offshore Web Hosting
BahamasB2B has hosting facilities in The Bahamas and in the United States. Both are located in the most advanced hosting facilities available. We provide international connectivity, and have redundant fiber and satellite links to the Internet backbone. We offer:

  • Good connectivity – we have stable connections via fiber optic cable using high quality equipment with spare bandwidth available. Back-up connections via a direct satellite connection offer the best guarantee of
    100% availability for your site.
  • Secure facilities – your business data will be stored in a secure environment in our data centre facilities; our premises, equipment and systems are physically and virtually secure.
  • Qualified personnel – our equipment and systems are operated and maintained by experienced and dedicated technicians trained to the highest North American standards.
  • Scalability – the expanding nature of e-commerce means that your site will probably grow; at least, you hope so. Our state of the art hosting facilities have room for growth in terms of physical space, equipment capacity and funding.



Order Handling & Fulfillment
Contact us to have your products distributed internationally from our United States distribution centre. BahamasB2B Order Distribution service takes care of everything including; packing, customs, shipping, insurance and (heaven forbid) returns.