Now Streaming: Caribbean Live-Action Children’s Series “Goombay Kids” Makes History

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LFD Productions today announced its historic collaboration with Future Today’s streaming service, HappyKids. The award-winning children’s television series “Goombay Kids,” an LFD Productions series filmed in the Bahamas, is set to revolutionize children’s television by becoming the first-ever scripted, live-action Caribbean series to secure an international streaming service deal. 

“Goombay Kids” is now available to over 16 million monthly active users on Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV and Android devices.

When it launched in 2020, “Goombay Kids” solidified its place in Caribbean history as the first narrative children’s television show filmed and produced entirely in the Bahamas to get a North American streaming deal. The show went on to win 13 international awards including the Cannes World Film Festival for Best TV Series and Best Producer — more than any other Caribbean children’s show to date. 

“Goombay Kids is not just a television show, we like to think of it as a movement that empowers children through learning and celebrates that connecting with one’s culture should be shared far beyond your country,” said Stephanie K. Nihon, creator and executive producer of ‘Goombay Kids’ and founder of LFD Productions. “Inspired by kids, for kids, this show highlights epic island adventures throughout the islands of the Bahamas, while delicately educating them on modern day issues facing the world – women and youth empowerment, climate change and diversity and disability inclusion – in a fresh and dynamic way. 

“In a world where animation dominates children’s content, we are losing the human element that is crucial to understanding who we are and where we came from. We are thrilled to have the show on a platform like HappyKids that will allow us to further the reach of ‘Goombay Kids’ and better represent children of Caribbean descent while promoting the diversity and rich culture of the islands,” added Nihon. 

“Goombay Kids” was the first Bahamian children’s show to use VFX Animation and live-action hybrid in a television series. HappyKids brings the show’s blend of entertainment, education and cultural appreciation to audiences worldwide, revolutionizing contemporary children’s television. It is renowned for its adherence to COPPA compliance and its quality control measures to ensure child-appropriate content. The show has provided employment to more than 350 Bahamians, making it a source of national pride in the country and garnering significant support from the government. 

“’Goombay Kids’ is a unique series that we believe will provide our audience with an opportunity to see kids in highly creative stories while exploring the beauty of the Bahamas and Caribbean cultures,” David Di Lorenzo, SVP Kids & Family, Future Today.

With character dialogue and activities that foster empathetic and resilient individuals, the show encompasses values and messaging that are rarely used in the children’s television industry today. Incorporating themes of emotional intelligence, teamwork and problem-solving, “Goombay Kids” equips children with invaluable tools for personal growth and development while taking them on a cultural journey through history, arts and environment. The show is set to premier its fourth season in early 2024, promising new adventures for viewers.

“I am pleased with the achievements of all the Bahamian cast and crew of the television series
‘Goombay Kids,’” said Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Davis. “Their success at the Cannes World Film Festival, capturing top awards, speaks volumes of the ability of Bahamians to thrive in the international arena. I am particularly excited about the future of an Orange Economy that seeks to provide proper space and compensation for the performing arts.”

This monumental North American streaming deal is a testament to the show’s universal appeal and transformative impact. As it continues to captivate young hearts across the Caribbean and beyond, “Goombay Kids” has become a movement that is set to reshape the future of children’s television.

For more information about “Goombay Kids,” visit @GoombayKids on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. To watch “Goombay Kids,” visit Goombay Kids on YouTube or download the free HappyKids.TV app. For more information on LFD Productions, visit 

About Goombay Kids:

“Goombay Kids” is an award-winning educational island adventure show focused on STEAM based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) education produced by LFD Productions. The series has won 13 awards and 18 nominations to date. It follows children in the Bahamas on their island adventures as they explore their Culture, Mythology, History and Folklore. It is the first show of its kind to showcase young talent in The Bahamas and create this kind of opportunity for them. Most of the talent on the show was developed by local Talent Agency CMM Agency and airs locally on REV Cable Bahamas. “Goombay Kids” is the No. 1-rated Children’s show in the Caribbean and holds the most awards for any children’s show in the region. The series is passionate about creating change through its platform which includes teaching children about climate solutions, cultural awareness and preservation, promoting youth and women’s empowerment, helping to improve literacy rates, and supporting diversity and disability inclusion.

About LFD Productions:

LFD Productions is an award-winning renowned name in the entertainment industry, dedicated to shaping the future of talent discovery and development. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, LFD Productions has consistently delivered impactful production experiences that push the boundaries of entertainment.