Celebrating Black Culture: Miami Art Basel 2022


One of the highlights of the Winter season in Miami, Florida is Art Basel. The first week of December sprouts the lush tree of events, parties, concerts and happenings.

O’Neil Scott

Convention centers are used to house literally thousands of pieces of art, while event spaces and venues are turned into impromptu galleries to display art from various artists.

Mia Lee

Even the baseball stadium, usually used to house thousands of screaming Florida Marlins fans, was used as an event space. Jack Honey AB+L acted as for a spotlight on Black culture and history. Artists using their chosen mediums to tell their stories and thoughts on what it means to be Black.

Taha Clayton

The night was met with perfect weather and accompanied by island music and ice cold cocktails. The open-air venue was perfect for displaying giant replicas of paintings and drawings, as well as stand-alone displays.

Yung Yemi

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