Eleuthera’s Virtual Art Gallery


Above Image: “Lighting Up” By Chauncey Rolle from Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Jenn Stack’s vision was to create a platform for the outer island, emerging artists of The Bahamas. Since last year September, she began an online gallery on Instagram which has caught the attention of buyers — local and international alike.

Fabric Art/Textile
By Linda Lowe- Abaco


“A Bahamian Ting”
Acrylic on Canvas
By Chauncey Rolle-Eleuthera


Stack, a Bahamian raised in Nassau, moved to Eleuthera 26 years ago.

I started painting during the lockdowns for comfort/sanity. I have always loved art and the passion of artists.”

Jenn Stack

Acrylic on Canvas
By Jenn Stack
Acrylic on Canvas
By Jenn Stack

She feels outer-island artists need more exposure, as there many talented visionaries, nationwide. The gallery also welcomes new artists from the capital if they wish to submit their pieces.

“Sunset At The Silos”
Acrylic on Canvas
By Jerreth Albury-Eleuthera


Cascade Collection
Acrylic on Polypropylene Paper
By Sann Sann Lam – Exuma

To view available works: @eleutheraartygallery Or email Jenn Stack at jennstackgt@gmail.com