Bahamians Love Homemade Pizza

Food & Dining

Homemade pizza on a weeknight? Yes, you can!

The shortcut here is premade pizza dough. We won’t tell if you don’t. Grab a tube on your next grocery run and don’t forget pizza sauce and all of your favorite toppings!

You can usually find pizza sauce at the supermarket, but you can use jarred or homemade marinara sauce in a pinch. If you want to be extra gourmet, you can whip up your own pizza sauce. Feeling creative? Swap your usual tomato-based pizza sauce for alfredo, pesto or barbeque sauce.

Pizza topping combinations are endless. Mix and match fresh, frozen, and canned or jarred ingredients. Some traditional toppings are pepperoni, mushroom, onion, sausage and bell pepper. Not so basic, but so very delicious toppings include sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, grilled chicken, capers and bacon. Experiment with different toppings and cheeses to find your favourites!

You can also try adding post-bake toppings, like basil, crispy onions, or feta cheese. Once your pizza is done, try dipping your homemade slices in extra pizza sauce, ranch dressing or balsamic glaze. There’s no wrong way to make and enjoy your homemade pizza. 

To prepare your homemade pizza:

  • Start by pre-baking your pizza crust. Follow the package instructions to pre-bake, then top your pizza before putting it back into the oven to finish baking and to melt cheese if using.
  • Once your crust is pre-baked, you’ll want to top it with your sauce of choice and toppings. Something that blew our minds in the test kitchen was chopping up the toppings rather small before putting them on the pizza. Tag us if you try it! 
  • Put your pizza back into the hot oven and let it finish baking for a few more minutes. Once it’s finished cooking, remove from the oven and top with your post-bake toppings if using any. Slice up to your liking and enjoy! We love big square pieces! 

To reheat pizza, the best method is to use a skillet with a lid and gently heat the pizza throughout. The lazy method is to put your pizza on a plate along with a cup of water in the microwave. Microwave both the pizza and the cup of water at the same time until your pizza is nice and hot. 

Take a closer look at the homemade pizza we prepared in our test kitchen! It is completely vegan, dairy-free, and 100% delicious. We chopped up white onion, broccoli, black and green olives, artichoke hearts, Roma tomato, spinach, and thinly sliced mushrooms. The end result was mouthwatering! No cheese on this pie, although there were vegan cheese options available at the local supermarket.

What are your favorite pizza topping combinations? Find us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!