Torrell Glinton


Above Image: Torrell Glinton by Christin Reckley

Torrell Glinton is a Bahamian photographer who features the beauty of pivotal icons to charming family portraits. Glinton has perfected his craft for more than a decade.

It all began being gifted a camera by a family member for a photojournalism class at the former College of The Bahamas. Since then, he has collaborated with countless makeup artists, stylists and fashion designers.

Writer, Reporter, Social Media Personality- “Rabs”


Shana Edgecombe- Wedding/Events Planner


Family Portrait- Glenn and Shequera Ferguson


I enjoy images that capture love, beauty and family

Torrell Glinton

Glinton wishes to further his career with more international shoots while exploring and recording different cultures.


One of his most memorable series of works featured portraits of natural-haired men and women of different textures, lengths and styles.

“The Kinky Project” 


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