“Hindsight Is 2020” Open Call Culture Competition

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OPEN CALL DEADLINE: 1 October 2021

Since 1984, The Central Bank stages an annual art competition and exhibition. It continues to uncover and showcase budding Bahamian talent in the visual arts. For many, this competition and exhibition have served as an introduction to the Bahamian art world. The exposure received has been an invaluable first step in growing their gifts. Moreover, in staging this event, the Central Bank has enjoyed the distinct privilege of assisting young Bahamians in educational pursuits that have helped them to further develop their skills. As a result, many of them have gone on to very promising and successful professional careers in visual arts.

The Central Bank of The Bahamas is proud to invite the Bahamian creative community to the 38th edition of the Open Call Competition. The 2021 theme is “Hindsight is 2020.”

​Although well into 2021 already, we are still only grasping the unprecedented way the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic has shaped and changed the world. During the many lockdowns and curfews, one way to compute, understand and compensate was creativity.

Whether through paintings, drawings, music, poetry, cooking, gardening, film or digital media, the creative responses throughout the pandemic were numerous and equally important. Let’s see, hear, and read what you have been working on and producing during the past year for this competition! What creative solution helped you through these surreal times?

​For more information, please visit www.artcentralbankbahamas.com.

38th Annual High School Art Competition & Exhibition

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Central Bank of The Bahamas is proud to invite all Bahamian High School students, with their creative spirits, to submit their works to the 38th Annual High School Art Competition. The 2021 theme is “A Moment in Time: Events that Made Bahamian History.”

The rich history of The Bahamas stretches back over 500 years, when the Arawak civilization, along with the Taino, Caribs, and Lucayans inhabited the various islands across the “Shallow Waters.”

Since then, The Bahamas has been the stage for numerous important events, like the era of the Pirates, Transatlantic Slave Trade, Eleutheran Adventurers, Blockade Runners, the arrival of Loyalists, Rum Runners, its role during World War II, the path to Majority Rule, Women’s Liberation, and Independence.

In the course of history, this vast archipelago birthed influential people in all areas including politics, science, business, sports, music, literature, and the performing and visual arts. Individually, they have all left their mark and footsteps in the strong fabric of Bahamian history.

During the 38th High School Art Competition, applicants should select an event, era, or person, which played a part—whether small or large—in our Bahamian History, and bring these stories and people back to life.

Applicants may use traditional media, like paintings, drawings and sculptures; however, new media like photography, video and digital art are also welcomed to help visualize ideas. For the first time this year, The Central Bank of The Bahamas is also introducing a special category for poems and songs. This competition is all about encouraging creativity and various expressions. Not even the Bahamian blue sky is the limit!

For further detailed information about this event, please visit www.artcentralbankbahamas.com.

Looking forward to your submissions!

Posted by : Jalan Harris