Clement Maynard


Born: September 11,1928
Died: October, 2009
Location of death: Nassau, The Bahamas
Cause of death:
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black
Occupation: Politician, Activist

Executive summary: Sir Clement Maynard was educated in Nassau, the United States and the UK. A political activist, he was appointed to the Senate and named a Minister of Senate in January, 1967, following the election victory of the Progressive Liberal Party which ushered in majority government, for the first time in The Bahamas. Maynard attended the 1972 Constitutional Conference as a delegate.

Father: Clement Maynard, a builder from Barbados
Mother: Georgianna K. Symonette
Wife: Zoe Cumberbatch
Children: Five children, the eldest Julian (deceased), Peter, Allyson, David and Clement III.

Founding member and First President of The Bahamas Public Service Union

Longest serving Minster of Tourism. Sir Clement oversaw a number of innovative programmers designed to bring greater variety to the Bahamian tourism product and to strengthen the industry. Such initiatives included the introduction of the Goombay Summer Programme, the Bahamas Host programme and the People-to-People programme.

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