Stafford Sands


Born: 23-Sep-1913
Birthplace: Nassau, New Providence
Died: 25-Jan-1972
Location of death: London, England
Cause of death:
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Politician, Lawyer

Executive summary: Sir Stafford was a successful businessman and an undeniable force in Bahamian politics. He owned several important businesses – including Bahamas Gas & Fuel and a number of liquor stores – while developing an outstanding legal practice as a corporate lawyer. During his brilliant tenure as an important figure in Bahamian society, Sir Stafford served as a member of the Board of Education, Agriculture and Marine Products Board, Board of Health, Public Board of Works, Airport Board and the Town Planning Committee. Besides being the driving force behind the concept of year-round tourism in the Bahamas, Sir Stafford was also responsible for the development of the financial services industry. Those two industries are still the pillars of Bahamian society. In 1967, Sir Stafford’s United Bahamian Party was unseated by the PLP, forcing him to retire from politics, putting an end to a impressive political career. He left the Bahamas shortly after that.

Wife: Winifred Maude Moore (1 child); Ulli Lillas
Children: Mercedes

Elected to the House of Assembly (New Providence) – 1937. Appointed to
Executive Council – 1945. Chairman of the Bahamas Development Board – 1950.
Knighted – 1963. Considered the “father” of Bahamian tourism and financial services.

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