Bahamas Fashion: Interview with Make-Up Artist Cody Fountain


Our Fashion editor sat down with Bahamas make-up artist and fashion model Cody Fountain for a quick interview.

Bahamas B2B: A few years ago, I met you as a model and now you’re a make-up artist. Where has your fashion career taken you? 

Cody Fountain: I wouldn’t say that my career has taken me anywhere specifically but it was while I was at college in Florida – studying Forensics – when I started dabbling in makeup. From there it was history, my makeup career took off.  Here in The Bahamas, it’s difficult to make a living off of modeling, it’s not a lucrative business.  

B2B: What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

CF: It wasn’t what inspired me, as much as who.  Yeisha Forbes is an awesome, well-known makeup artist here in The Bahamas. She has been in the game for a long time, she inspired me. She did my face for a photoshoot a very long time ago.  Her technique and final presentation was beautiful, I was so intrigued.  She was the one who caused me to want to buy products and try new things. 

B2B: When would you say that your make-up career officially began?

CF: My career began about 10 years ago while living in Florida.   

B2B: What is your preferred brand of makeup?

CF: There are so many that I love but what I keep in my makeup kit are: Black Opal, Juvia’s Place, Laura Mercier, Morphe Cosmetics, Maybelline, MAC, Urban Decay and of course Fenty by Rihanna. 

B2B: Which Bahamian icon would you say, has paved the way for you? 

CF: Yeisha Forbes has definitely laid the groundwork for me, I’ve always looked up to her. There are so many others I can think of who are great at what they do. I consider all of us to be artists and each one has their own style.  However, Yiesha has been a great role model who has helped me to develop my style.

B2B: I know that you recently created a makeup look for Kenya Moore, RHOA star and former Miss USA.  How would you describe that experience, especially with the way she is perceived on reality television. 

CF:  Reality TV isn’t necessarily real and doesn’t depict the natural personality.  Kenya was a joy to work with.  She’s outspoken but she’s sweet and quite a nice person. 

B2B: Speaking of celebrities, what other celebrities have you had the privilege of working with on your journey as a makeup artist? 

CF: Apart from Kenya Moore, I was the lead makeup artist hired for a music video by Shaggy, featuring Omi.  I’ve worked with Julien Believe (Local music artist), Alison Hinds, the sister of Derek Jeter (Baseball player) – just a few weeks ago actually – as well as a few others. 

B2B: What would you say has been the highest point in your career, and what was the lowest? 

CF: I wouldn’t say that there was a low point, I appreciate the entire journey. When I look back on when I first began, I realize how far I have come and how my clientele has grown. When I came back from the U.S. I didn’t have a job, and I didn’t have money. I basically started with nothing, but I was able to build a clientele who have all been loyal to me, even when I wasn’t as good as I am now. Right now I’m in a great place, my clients love my work and I’ve learned a lot on my way here.  

B2B: Have you found that it is difficult to maintain a career in fashion and beauty while living in The Bahamas?

CF: Yes! Not so much in makeup, because Bahamian women love to look good and take care of themselves, but as a model it’s very difficult to maintain a career here.  It’s difficult to make money because many people just want to use you for promotional work or pay very low rates.  At this point I have more so discontinued my modeling career but doing makeup here has proven much more successful. 

B2B: How would you say that you’ve been able to promote your work and reach the level where you currently are? 

CF: Word of mouth works well for me. My clients are very supportive, they share my work, and I’m so grateful for their references.  Now, I also use social media to promote my work.

B2B: If there is one thing that you would be branded for in the Industry, what would that be?

CF: It would be my skin finish.  My signature is clean, popping skin, I love a flawless face.  I’m not a big fan of shadows and colors, I can do it and I do by request but that’s not my forte. I prefer more natural shadows and I like to focus on skin work.  Clean, highlighted, contoured, soft glam looks with a glow are what I love.  I was known for my glow.  I initially was known as ‘Glow and Glamour’  but I have since rebranded myself to CF Makeup Artistry. 

B2B: What would you say that you are most proud of at this point? 

CF: I’m most proud of my makeup abilities at this point.  I came a long way, this is not something that I was taught.  This is a God-given talent and I’m proud to have developed myself as an accomplished makeup artist.  

B2B: Where can we go to book a makeup appointment with Cody Fountain? 

CF: I allow my clients to contact me through a few different sources, whichever is more comfortable for them. 


Facebook: Cody Fountain