Fashion Chronicles: An Urban Romance


By: Mia Smith-Johnson
Photos: Ana-Lisa Wells
Models: Adiesha & Chairo
Styling: Mia G
MUA: @paintedbykera

In the distance she could hear the alluring sounds of his guitar.  The melody so sweet, like strings, it drew her closer, as if the strings were wrapped around her.   She moved gracefully, her long, plaid dress trailing behind her.

She stood out on these urban streets, pearls glistening in the late afternoon sun, leather shorts barely covering her upper thighs. Strides so long, one could barely keep up with her; all eyes were on her.  As she approached, the music engulfed her, and then she saw him.  This statuesque being seemed like a god to her.  His dreads tossed up in a loose ponytail, arms cradling his guitar as if it were an extension of him.  She closed her eyes, swaying to the music, becoming lost in the moment.

The busy streets faded away and it was just the two of them, enthralled by the effortless strumming of the guitar strings – no words needed. Could this be it? Could this be ‘him’? Could this be love? Whatever it was, she wanted to live there, in that moment.

Here, downtown, on these urban streets, she was his and he was hers.  She was his muse, and he, her refuge.  She wished that this could last forever.

Dress Day Red, Plaid Unconstructed Dress, DIVA’S INK $69.00
KIWI Black leather shorts, DIVA’S INK $55.00
Multi layered beaded necklace w/Earrings, DIVA’S INK $85.00
UNIQUE Black & Gold Chain link belt, DIVA’S INK $21.00
Jewel & Clara Creme fedora, DIVA’S INK $40.00

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