Bahamas Recipes: Frappé

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Cool off with a frappé!

There’s no wrong way to enjoy a frappé, but there is an authentic way of making one. The original frappé was invented in Greece in 1957. An employee couldn’t find hot water to make coffee on his break so they used cold water and ice instead, resulting in a delicious new way to drink coffee.

Frappé ingredients are instant coffee, water, sugar, and optionally milk. To prepare, instant coffee is whipped with a little water and sugar until thickened. Then it’s poured over ice with milk if using and topped with cold water. Frappés are always served with a straw. They are creamy, sweet, and full of caffeine.

The level of sweetness can be adjusted to your liking, as well as the addition of milk. Traditionally condensed milk would be added if desired.

If you seek an even more indulgent frappé, add a shot of liquor like Baileys Irish Cream or Kalúha. For a non-alcoholic treat, top your frappé with whipped cream. 

Want to prepare a traditional Greek frappé? 

  1. First get a tall glass, a teaspoon, and an electric mixer or wire whisk.
  2. Add the instant coffee (Nescafe), sugar, and about 2-3 tablespoons of cold water. You want just enough to cover the coffee and then add one tbsp more.
  3. Whip or whisk the mixture until a thick, creamy foam is produced & then pour the mixture into the serving glass.
  4. Add 3 ice cubes and milk if you like.
  5. Fill up the glass with cold water and serve with a drinking straw.

Visit for the specific measurements & more on how to make the best Greek frappé!