How To: Freeze Tofu

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Whether you’re plant-based or not, tofu is an amazing ingredient for your kitchen. It’s low in fat, high in protein and very affordable.

Tofu comes in several varieties of firmness. There is silken tofu, which is creamy and easily blended into sauces, soufflés and egg replacements. Firm and extra firm tofu make for great meat replacements, cheeses, dips and more.

I frequently eat tofu as a source of protein. The key to toothsome, meaty tofu texture is freezing it. As soon as I get home from the grocery store, I put the blocks of tofu directly into the freezer. Right in its original packaging.

Once they’re frozen solid, I thaw them in the fridge. Once thawed, repeat the process. The tofu will turn a slight yellowish color when it’s frozen, this is normal.

Once the tofu has been frozen and thawed, and frozen and thawed again, drain it and press out excess moisture. Now it’s ready to cook!

Crispy, delicious tofu!

I like to tear the block up using my hands. This gives the tofu pieces rough edges that crisp up nicely when cooking. It also gives a more realistic meat look, rather than perfectly cubed tofu.

Grab a bowl and tear your tofu into chunks. Then sprinkle in a mixture of cornstarch and your favorite seasonings, or your favorite marinade, and gently toss to coat.

Add tofu chunks to an oiled skillet and cook until crispy. I like to get some char on some of the pieces, so I usually cook the chunks for several minutes on each side. You’ll love the crispy, meaty result!

I’d you try freezing your tofu, let me know what you make with it! Find me on Instagram, @inthekitchenwithkris.