Get A Jump On Your Day

Health and Fitness

ExerciseThis fun, easy jumping squat will pep up your step by helping to loosen up your whole body, and it may not even feel like exercise because you’ll be distracted by dropping and catching the bouncy weighted ball.

This easy move is a perfect cardio substitute when you can’t get to the gym or out for your regular fitness walk, or if you just need to fit a quick workout into a busy day.
Jump and Squat
1. Stand with your feet just a little wider than hip-width apart, hold the ball at chest level.

2. Drop the ball, let it bounce once and then lower into a squat and catch it.

3. After catching the ball, jump as high as you can. Repeat the process.

Do 10 reps as a warm-up. For a cardio workout, do as many reps as you can, resting for one minute in between.