National Healthy Fats Day March 21

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Under the auspices of the Healthy Fats Coalition (– HFC) and coinciding with the arrival of spring, March 21 marks the fifth annual #NationalHealthyFatsDay, a celebration of traditional healthy animal fats – pure lard, beef tallow, duck fat, goose fat and the like – that are enjoying a resurgence within America’s food culture, in restaurants, fast food operations and home kitchens.

For this year’s observance, HFC supporters are serving up tips, tricks and insights about optimizing the animal fats experience – offering suggestions for further reading, further viewing, further cooking and, of course, further eating.

National Healthy Fats Day is the brainchild of the HFC, a group of like-minded organizations, companies and individuals that have developed a new educational initiative dedicated to the proposition that healthy fats aren’t merely having a moment – they’re here to stay, as an essential part of the American diet. Its mission is simple: affirm that animal fats deserve a central place in the American diet and in the popular imagination. To read what supporters of the Healthy Fats Coalition have to say about this year’s observance, click here:

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