Capturing Travel Demand for Bahamas Vacations


The travel industry in is poised for a come back after being subdued by the pandemic.

Forward looking date compiled for the tourism website industry in Greece shows large upticks in demand for summer vacations.

Hoteliers and the hospitality industry have an opportunity to capitalise on any early demand and implement dynamic pricing and promotional strategies to ensure they capture their fair share of the market as things get back up to speed.

While this article focuses on the tourism industry in Greece, we wonder if some of the strategies being employed there could be used here in the Bahamas.

There is some interesting data that they have collected based on search terms and interest in vacationing in Greece. We know that Fred Lounsberry from the Nassau/Paradise Island Promotions Board, working with the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association compiles similar statistics for the Bahamas.

We are not sure if that information is publicly available but we are sure it is being discussed in the hospitality industry here to devise strategies to get our tourism market back on track.

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