Japanese Travelers Top Best Tourist Survey


No doubt, the article below will get the fickle marketing managers at The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism scampering to Japan in an attempt to lure tourists from this latest and greatest source of potential visitors.

Japanese travelers top the list in Expedia’s Best Tourist survey

Expedia® recently released the findings of a global survey seeking to crown the world’s best tourists and measure travelers based on their best and worst travel traits and habits. More than 4,000 hoteliers from across the globe provided opinions on the best overall travelers, as well as 10 specific categories grading popularity, behavior, manners, willingness to learn the language and try local cuisine, generosity, tidiness, volume, fashion sense and propensity to complain.

The Japanese won top prize and are considered by hoteliers across the globe as overall the best tourists. German and British tourists tied for second place, followed by the Canadians and Swiss. American tourists came in at number 11 overall.

Americans lead the way with putting effort into learning a few key sayings in the local language and sampling local delicacies. The French, Chinese and Japanese were the least likely to incorporate the local language, and the Chinese, Indians and Japanese have the least interest in the culinary styles of the places they visit. Americans are also considered the most generous, followed by the Canadians and Russians.

In contrast to American generosity and willingness to absorb local culture, they are considered to be noisy tourists, along with the Italians and British. Additionally, Americans are said to complain about accommodations, along with the Germans and French – and are also among the least tidy hotel guests. Lastly, Americans fall to the bottom of the list when it comes to fashion sense, with the ever stylish Italians and French taking top prize.

“Hoteliers are the experts when it comes to interacting with tourists, so as the busy summer travel season approaches and vacationers prepare for their own travel experiences, we thought it would be fun to present some of their common perceptions regarding tourists from all around the world,” said Karyn Thale, travel expert, Expedia.com®. “We hope the results inspire Americans to keep up their generosity and cultural curiosity and convince them to leave the white tennis shoes and fanny packs at home!”

Source: Eturbonews.com